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St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church
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St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church  

 St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church 


Dear Saints of St. Andrews,

Our life together at St. Andrew’s has changed so much since we’ve begun practicing social distancing to protect our families and our community from the spread of COVID-19. At this time St. Andrew’s building is closed until further notice. But what it means to be disciples of Christ—to worship God in truth and in Spirit, to praise the creator and redeemer of the universe in song, service and prayer—has not changed and we are still very much “open” as a congregation gathering via all kinds of streaming platforms.

We hold you all in our prayers in these strange and uncertain times. We have never been pastors during a pandemic! All we know, as Paul has written (1 Corinthians 2:2), is Jesus Christ, and him crucified. God became vulnerable for us. So perhaps, in some way, the vulnerability we are now experiencing can teach us to love God better, love our neighbors better, and to find our true selves in God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Please stay safe.

We are yours in Christ,

Pastor Philip Krey

Pastor Joshua Sullivan

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