Martin Luther said “Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”  Music is one of the central parts of our worship here at St. Andrew’s.  If you are interested in music or would like to participate in our music program, here are some of the ways in which you can do that:  

Senior Choir:  Our Senior Choir is open to anyone from young adult on up.  They provide the music at our regular 10:30 worship service on Sundays from September through May, leading the congregation in the singing of hymns and service music.  Each Sunday, they also sing an offertory anthem.  They also sing at other special services throughout the year, including during Christmas and Holy Week.  They rehearse in the Fireplace Room at the church on Wednesday nights from 7:45 to around 9:00.   

8:00 Choir:  Our 8:00 Choir leads the congregational singing of hymns and service music at our 8:00 service on Sunday mornings.  They also sing a hymn as an offertory anthem each Sunday.  They meet to sing through their hymn before the 8:00 service on Sundays, usually around 7:45.  

Bell Choir:  From time to time, throughout the year, we gather those interested in ringing bells and chimes, and put together a Bell Choir.  They usually rehearse on Thursday nights.  

Special Music:  Throughout the church year, and especially during the Summer months, there are opportunities for soloists or small ensembles to provide special music during the services.  It could be vocal or instrumental, whichever you are interested in doing.  This just has to be arranged with the Director of Music at least a couple weeks ahead of time.  

Funeral Choir: The Funeral Choir consists of members of the congregation who want to show up and lead the singing of the hymns during funerals at the church.  There is usually no anthem sung, thus no rehearsal time is required.  Anyone who is interested is invited to participate.  

If any of these musical offerings sound like something that would interest you, please come out and join us.  If you have any questions, feel free to speak with any member of the choirs or contact the church office!         

Brian M Bullard Director of Music